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The supercapacitor concept has been around for a number of years. Newer designs allow higher capacities in a smaller size. It resembles a regular capacitor, but it offers very high capacitance in a small package. Energy storage is by means of static charge rather than of an electro-chemical process that is inherent to the battery.

The amount of energy a capacitor can hold is measured in microfarads or µF. (1µF = 0.000,001 farad). While small capacitors are rated in nano-farads (1000 times smaller than 1µF) and pico-farads (1 million times smaller than 1µF), supercapacitors come in farads.

Different operation from a main battery, supercapacitors are more commonly used as memory backup to bridge short power interruptions. The charge time of a supercapacitor monster beats is about 10 seconds. The ability to absorb energy is, to a large extent, limited by the size of the charger. The charge characteristics are similar to those of an electrochemical battery. The initial charge is very rapid; the topping charge takes extra time. Provision must be made to limit the current when charging an empty supercapacitor.

Regarding to charging method, the supercapacitor resembles the lead-acid battery. Full charge occurs when a set voltage limit is reached. Unlike the electrochemical battery, the supercapacitor does not require a full-charge detection circuit. Supercapacitors take as much energy as needed. When full, they stop accepting charge. There is no danger of overcharge or 'memory'.

The supercapacitor can be virtually recharged and discharged for an unlimited number of times. However, the electrochemical battery, there is very little wear and tear influenced by cycling and the time of life does not affect the supercapacitor much. In normal use, a supercapacitor degrades to loan about 80 percent after 10 years.


‧Virtually unlimited cycle life
‧Low impedance – Enhances load handling when put in paralleled with a battery.
‧Rapid charging – Complete the charge in seconds.
‧Simple charge methods – Without the detection of full-charge; eliminate danger of overcharge.

Maxtela is engaging into the design of relative products, and will come out the completed products in terms of this new power source in the following months.

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