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Maxtela Corporation - Background

As the professional manufacturer of power supply and battery pack, Maxtela Corporation has been providing “always available “ power products against some of the major causes of power source shortage, power problem and temperature issue. As a fast-changing environment, Maxtela sincerely realizes the importance of high power efficiency to reduction of power waste and energy saving, so we concentrate on developing smart power module and high protection performance, which is capable to avoid the thermal issue and supply high efficient power in the industry.

From corporate headquarters in Taiwan, Maxtela operates the office of sales, marketing and designin Taiwan and manufacturing services in Taiwan and China, and the teamwork to fulfill the mission of customers around the world. In order to achieve the customer’s demand, we focus our efforts on three application categories: Home/Office, Industry Appliance and OEM/ODM Power supply. The products we offered that like AC/DC or DC/DC power supplies, DC/AC inverters, open frame power supplies, power boards for specific industries, power tool battery packs, electric motor battery packs and so forth, especially engaging in offering universal power solutions for the laptop systems and portable devices.

Continuously develops new power product solutions with the emerging power sources, like solar power products and high capacity density battery pack. Our innovative engineering capabilities have been awarded the best product evaluation and design. Our professional facilities provide the highest quality power solutions available.


Maxtela Corporation - Background

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