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Design Capability

Design Capability


Fully understand what the real customer’s needs are before we implement product development management, and deliver the completed product on time because we built up a little planning and worksheet as the parts of program previously according to our well design experiences. Those outputs of design are more excellent than the customer imagined.

Through from the inputs of excellent R&D persons and advanced instruments, Maxtela continuously engages the development and innovation, and accumulates technical experiences, so that make product more significant and diverse its performance. Strengthening design capabilities and shortening development cycle that ensble Maxtela to provide the services to our customer more confidently, even though they are the diverse needs of customers.

Along with the evolution and change of key power ICs, our design team also keep up with the trends via the learning and creation. For now, we do not only obtain the latest technical information in the short time for analysis and study, but also can import timely product design or next-generation product development as a preparation.

For the increasing demands of high density power products, Maxtela is also actively investing in software development and the use of multi-functional microprocessors. As a smart control foundation is that strengthens product functions, simplifies operations, and prevents errors, these are designed to reinforce the lack of features causing by the simple power ICs on the market, furthermore, conform the customers' needs then.

In general, we hope to grow together with customers and share experiences of product and design more. For the new generation of energy adoption and development, the considerable value of power products themselves will come from the application of client products. Therefore, Maxtela's contribution will no longer be just its own products, but trust between customers.



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