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EMP-1048, E Motor Power

Product name: E Motor Power
Model name: EMP-1048 


‧High energy capacity is available to save the weight and down size (1/3 to 1/2 volume and weight as compared to lead acid battery  and nickel cadmium battery)
‧Li- polymer Rechargeable battery technology with high energy density and slim cell package which achieves small  form factor of battery pack
‧Superior reliability due to trusted Battery Management System (BMS), and superior safety due to the Protection Circuit Design (PCD)  and Over Heat Prevention (OHD) due to integrate thermal sensor and laminated package on cell
‧Without hazardous materials such as lead, cadmium and mercury, compliant to RoHS and REACH directive and battery directive as  environmentally friendly


Typical battery capacity/per cell: 4950 mAh Li-polymer cell
Battery pack capacity: 10Ah
Nominal charge voltage: 48Vdc, 48.85Vdc as the peak
Maximum charge voltage: 54.9Vdc
Rated charge current: 6.5A, 10A as the maximum
Rated continuous discharge current: 25A (max.)
Taper current: 500mA (min.)
Operation temperature (ambient): – 10 ~ 45°C (Charge mode), – 10 ~ 60°C (Discharge mode)
Storage temperature: – 10 ~ 60°C
OCP, OTP, OVP and short circuit protection are available
Approval compliant: CE, UL

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