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Tips for UPAC series and UTB series

Tip for UPAC-40M 

Our specific adapter tips are ideally designed to provide the appropriate DC jack to connect to the most of popular electronic products and mobile devices such products as Portable DVD player, Digital camera, Digital video, MP3/4 player and so forth. You can find your tip type according to the below tip list.  

Item Tip dimension Mark No. Plug color Remark
1 5.5*2.5*12mm "2" Black  
2 4.75*1.75*9.5mm "4" Yellow(Medium)  
3 4.0*1.7*9.5mm "8" Yellow(Large)  
4 Pin 1mm, 3.4*5.5*12mm "9" Black  
5 8.4V for Sony DC/DV Plug "10"    

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