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High density power source 

Lithium Polymer Battery Pack

To supply the significant high energy density and high C rate power to the market, Maxtela takes advantage of this emerging Li-polymer cell to go for the design of E Motor Power and create this superior value added battery sources in the specific industry. Such reliable Lithium Polymer battery power is capable best replica handbags to create high performance competing with other battery cells, safe and low risk. Battery Management System (BMS), Protection Circuit Design (PCD) and Over Heat Prevention (OHD) are available in our design of battery pack, which also enable Maxtela's E Motor Power to supply the best power quality, and make the battery pack flexible in size comparing to the regular battery pack.

Comparison of rechargeable types of battery cells

Nominal Voltage 2.0V 1.2V 3.7V 3.7V
Energy Density
Volumetric (Wh/l)
  250~300 250~350 250~400
Energy Density
Gravimetric (Wh/kg)
25~45 50~80 100~150 100~150
Advantages 1.Deep charge & discharge
2.Mature technology
3.Not expensive
1.Available to be discharged at high current
2.Safe source
Long cycle life 1. Long cycle life
2. Safe source
3.Sized flexibly
4.With higher energy density comparing to Li-ion
Drawbacks 1.Slow charge
2.Short cycle life
1.Memorized issue
2.Bad performance at high temperature
1. Relatively unsafe
2. Bad charge/ discharge at high current
3.Relatively expensive
4.Lower flexible in size
1.Bad charge/discharge at high current
2.Relatively expensive source



Chip Type LED

In order to expand the strength of our product competition in the market, Maxtela leads in new generation LED module solution for the advanced optoelectronics industry. This technique of Chip Type LED will be capable to comprehensively implement into many of diversified product types, change the light quality and save the power consumption.

The Chip Type LED is not only with the characteristics of lower voltage, lower current and higher power, but also the footprint of illumination is well mixed brightness and capable of minimizing the form factor of module, and increase the higher luminous flux compared to the traditional spot type LED.

The patented design of thermal conductive silicon tape and heat sink are successfully eliminating the heating factor and waterproofing. LED lights have long life and reliable, it can be operated by very low DC voltage, and the energy efficient is much higher than Incandescent and Halogen lamps. At the moment, there are several lamp colors available, white, cool white and sunbeam. This innovative Chip Type LED will be widely applied to many of industries, such as reading lights, decorative appliance, sign and channel letter, architectural detail and portable devices.

Next, we will continuously present our applications in the different industries.

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