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Enhanced Lithium Battery




Enhanced Battery Series offers excellent performance and leverages it with intelligent technology, to last the protection throughout the whole use. Maxtela Enhanced Lithium Battery Series provides a complete lineup of 12, 24, 48 voltage batteries for use in AGV, Storage energy, Golf Cars, Telecom, Electric Wheelchair, Mobile motors applications, and much more. Our deep cycle lithium battery models can be configured in series or parallel to support higher voltage or higher capacity battery systems. 

At the heart of every Maxtela Enhanced Lithium Battery (HLB) Series is built in an intelligent BMS that monitors and reacts to different voltage, current , and temperature status (dependant on model) to maximize performance, life cycle and safety.

The Battery also delivers superior peak power along with the fast 1C continuous charge and discharge rates. Unlike lead-acid batteries, HLB battery series can be operated continuously in a Partial State of Charge (PSOC) without degrading performance when using together with the indicated industry systems.


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