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SCCA Series, Smart Chemical Charger

Product name: Smart Chemical Charger 
Model name: SCCA-2727KECA

Application :

This is a compact 1U high 19” rack-mounted charger unit, integrated DC power system providing an output of 300VDC max. A max charging current of 10A / 3.0KW is available. The cooling fan is rectified internally with speed control which is a function of optimizing the load and temperature. Safety. Reliability and cooling-well of product features is capable to maintain the charging cycle fully under the continuous power requirements. It will be easily charge all of Lead-acid batteries, including AGM, Gel or Dry batteries, and other Battery systems with the base of 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V dc systems.

There are 5 LED indicators which indicate the conditions, Power On, Charging, Floating, Full Charge and Error.


High efficiency power density is available to save the weight and down size
0.1 -10 amps charging current can be selected (by request)
-300 volts charging voltage can be selected (by request)
Superior reliability due to trusted charging program
Fan available to eliminate the heat and cool down the system very fast
Compliant to RoHS and REACH directive and battery directive as environmental friendly


Output voltage: 270V 
Output current: 10 Amp
Input voltage: 220VAC, 50Hz
Charging stage: 4 stages
Protection: OCP, OTP, OVP, Polar Reverse Protection, Time out

# Notes: Other output performance depending on the system requirement, that will be welcome to inquire us more. 

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